We believe that:

• Regular attendance promotes the effective and continuous learning of all students

• Regular attendance promotes positive friendships and well-being

• Good habits of attendance and punctuality will assist to develop self-discipline and responsibility in preparation for future employment

• Our students aim for 98% attendance and above

Absence - Information for Parents

If your child is absent, you are requested to;

• Contact the school every day of your child’s absence by 9.00am stating your child’s full name, registration group and an explanation for their absence

• Telephone: 01942 767704

• Use SchoolComms/Gateway via email/app/text

• Up-date the school every day if your child is unwell

• Provide a note on the first day of your child returning to school, either in their planner or a separate letter. Ensure that your child’s full name, tutor group and dates of absence all need to be included within the note


Further information can be found by following the links below:


Lateness - Information for Students

If you arrive at school after 9.15am, you need to report to the main reception to sign in and provide a note from home with an explanation for your lateness. You will then be escorted to your lesson.

If you arrive at school late, but before 9.15am, you should sign in at the late desk and then go to registration.  On assembly days you need to go into the theatre and then report to your form tutor for your registration mark once the assembly has finished.  Make sure your tutor has registered you.

Hindley High School attendance booklet DfE - The link between absence and attainment at KS2 and KS4 Hindley attendance leaflet 2020