The guidance on this page is aimed at all users of e-technology - students, parents, teachers, governors and the community. 

The Internet and Cyberspace are great ways to connect with people and with the World. They are technologies to enjoy and explore, and are going to play an ever-increasing part in our lives. However, as we all know, this will involve risks and dangers: we all need to be aware of these and need to acquire and develop the knowledge and skills to reduce and avoid them. We have produced this document as a reminder to us all of some basic cyber-wisdom. These suggestions are based on advice provided by respected sources in the field..

‘Think Before You Post’ - remember personal information that you post online can accessed by anyone.

Do you know how to stay safe online complete the following quizzes and see.
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If you experience Cyber bullying remember the following points.

Advice for the safe use of mobile phones:

Advice for the safe use of the Internet:

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Warning to parents about the popular children's
online game Roblox

Parents are being warned about a children's game after concerns were raised about online safety.

The app - called Roblox - is a popular multi-player game that allows users to design their own games and play different games.

It has been dubbed the new Minecraft and has more than 30 million players - who are supposed to be aged between eight and 12.

But concerns have been raised about children being approached by strangers online and receiving inappropriate messages with characters doing "very adult things" in the virtual world.

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