Year 7 and 8 students follow schemes of learning based around the revised national curriculum.  Activities that promote mathematical thinking and opportunities for developing problem solving skills have been built in to the schemes.  Year 7 are initially set prior to starting based on their end of KS2 assessments. A baseline assessment takes place within the first few weeks at Hindley High School is used to ensure that all pupils are in the correct groups. At KS4, all pupils study the Pearson Edexcel GCSE mathematics course; either higher or foundation tier and are entered in the summer term of year 11. A link to the curriculum plan can be found at the bottom of this page.

The department has sustained continued improvements in recent years and standards of pupil attainment are good and are in line with national results at A* - C.  Some year 11 pupils are provided the opportunity to study an additional GCSE in Statistics.

In all years, pupils are set by ability.  The department has established effective assessment procedures and these are used to track and monitor pupil progress against their targets. Pupil movement between sets are made as necessary.

The department recognises the role of mathematics in developing financial capability and economic wellbeing, thus contributing to the personal development curriculum.  Cross curricular projects have been developed within Humanities, Science, Art & PE. at KS3.

All department staff strive to ensure the learning of mathematics is fun, stimulating and relevant to everyday life.  The department is committed to raising standards and the profile of the subject through extra-curricular activities.  Pupils are given the opportunity to participate in national competitions such as the Leeds UK Maths Challenge, Edge Hill Team Challenge and Masterclasses.  Activities are offered at lunchtime involving maths games/quizzes and homework

Exam Structure

Edexcel GCSE (9–1) in Mathematics will be assessed through three equally-weighted written examination papers at either Foundation tier or Higher tier.


The diagram below gives an overview of the three Assessment Objectives. The strands and elements that further define each Assessment Objective are detailed in the specification. Every strand and element must be assessed in every examination series.

Contact: Mr M Richardson, Head of Mathematics

Curriculum plan link

Exam link: Edexcel GCSE Mathematics

Maths Department Vision

We promote a mastery approach to equip students with a conceptual understanding of mathematics through fluency, reasoning and problem solving that is essential for students to act effectively in further learning, work, recreation and their roles as a citizen.

The curriculum aims to ensure that all pupils: