Parents play an essential role in the development of the most able, a role which the school supports but cannot displace. There are a variety of ways in which parents can facilitate the development of their children.  

At Hindley High School we offer a variety of opportunities to our Most Able pupils, starting when they are still in primary school. Time is taken to liaise with teachers of years 5 and 6 to make sure the move to our school in year 7 is as smooth as possible. Other activities ease the transition to high school such as half-day events for pupils in year 6 to work with pupils in years 7 - 10. Once at Hindley High School a variety of extra activities takes place including the KS3 investigators - an after school programme involving all departments – as well as Study Skills days, visits to local colleges and universities. This year some year 11 pupils had the opportunity to attend a day delivered by representatives from Oxford University.

This web page outlines ways to help develop your child’s knowledge, skills and understanding of subjects in school. Most Able pupils in particular should be challenged to further develop these important aspects of their learning.

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