Many of our pupils choose to have instrumental lessons in addition to their studies in class. Pupils can choose from the following: singing, drums, guitar, keyboard, piano and saxophone.

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Contact :  Mrs M Gallagher - Head of Music
                Mr K Gray - Teacher of Music

At KS3, pupils study a wide range of topics through performing, composing and listening activities.

Below you can hear examples of Y7 compositions from the Danger Topic and the Instruments of the Orchestra topic (inspired by Peter and the Wolf)


Film Music Composition Project

Crime series composition

Free composition

 At KS4, we study AQA GCSE music

Pupils choose their preferred instrument and practise though our carefully designed program in order to be the best that they can be. In Y11, pupils perform 2 pieces which are recorded for their exam. Using our professional quality music workstations, pupils learn how to compose in a variety of different styles and in Y11, pupils compose 2 pieces of music which are recorded for the exam. You can hear some examples of this below.

Pupils also learn about the elements of harmony, melody, tonality, structure, timbre, texture, tempo, rhythm and dynamics and study music from different times and cultures in order to study for their listening exam.

Instruments of the Orchestra example

Danger example

Below you can hear examples of Y8 compositions from the Harry Potter Topic (pupils create music to accompany a video clip of the flying car scene in Harry potter) and the Podcast Project.

Horror composition

Space composition

Music Department Vision

To engage and inspire our pupils to develop a lifelong love of music with exciting, rewarding and varied musical experiences, encouraging our pupils to enjoy making and listening to music at all times.

To increase our pupils’ self-confidence, creativity and sense of achievement as they develop their performing and composing skills and listen with increasing discrimination and critical engagement.

Our music curriculum aims to ensure that all pupils:

Perform, compose, listen to and evaluate music across a range of historical periods, genres, styles and traditions.

Learn to sing and play keyboard and guitar and create and compose music using technology.

Understand and explore how music is created using the musical elements.