If you do not already have a concessionary or free school bus pass from TfGM or the local authority you will need to follow the steps below:

Step 1
Obtain an ‘igo pass’. You will need your igo pass number to apply for a seat on the Yellow Bus service.
click here to apply for your igo pass

Important: An 'igo pass' proves a child's entitlement to purchase the concessionary fare on the Yellow Bus (igo pass costs £10).
If you do not wish to provide proof of name and age (as requested by the application form) you can get the form stamped by the school.

Step 2
Once you have obtained your igo pass you will need to apply for a seat on the Yellow Bus
(For 2021 academic year there is no requirement for a Yellow Bus Pass)

Step 3 - Please look at options 2 and 3 below as you may make a saving by buying a Weekly/Monthly/Annual ticket or if you wish to use services other than travel to and from school.
Click here for information on choosing the right ticket

Buying your ticket - There are several methods of payment:

  1. Directly from the driver
  2. From your local Travelshop - Click here to find your nearest shop
  3. From System One  - Paypoint shops or Travelshops. Click her to find out how

Other useful bus information - Click here

Wigan Council Home to School Travel - Click here for more information

TFGM travel information - https://tfgm.com/schools/wigan/hindley-high-school

From September - New timings in operation

Please note that the service will be operated by Olympia and the bus number will change to 946